“We are what we think, having become what we thought.”—Mark Epstein

Each mask from Face-Kit comes with a meditation practice. Apply your mask and take some time for yourself. Sit quietly, cross-legged, on a sofa or wherever you feel your most comfortable. Close your eyes. Just listen. Let the sounds come and go. Become attuned to even the tiniest feelings. Check in with yourself. Be gentle with yourself. When your mind wanders, don’t worry, just bring it back. Let this time heal you, let this time make you feel your best, let this time feel your heart with all things good.  Now, wash off your mask and have a productive, beautiful day or nights sleep. Because you deserve it. 


Our minds can wreak havoc on our lives, but it can also be our saving grace. The mind is flexible, it can be changed. It can go from anxious to relaxed, angry to mindful, on edge to totally at peace. The fact that we can change it, makes it the most powerful tool we have. Much of the time we aren’t even aware of the control we have because we are so busy doing things—catching cabs, clicking through our phones, scrolling feeds, cleaning up after babies, working till midnight to hit a deadline. Meditation, is a way of taming and clearing our mind by bringing our thoughts, feelings and physical sensations into our awareness. Making the unconscious conscious. When we become aware, we are able to be our best selves. We are able to SHINE.