How often can I mask? We recommend 2-3 times a week


When should I mask? We recommend using our masks at night, not only for the relaxation but sometimes you’ll notice some redness on the skin for 20-30 minutes after you remove the mask. That’s good! If it sticks around, discontinue use.


Can I use other products with the mask? It’s not the time to apply any active or intense products, rather, we suggest topping your skin off with a gentle moisturizer or oil for an ultimate glow.


Should I be concerned about a little redness or tingling? Often feeling “a little something” is nothing to stress over—it actually means that the ingredients are activated and doing their job. Our powders are full of plant power (just the way we like it) and a little redness and tightness is totally normal. 

Patch testing? Patch testing is a good way to find out if a product is for you (especially for our sensitive-skin friends!) Try patch testing in two places—somewhere hidden, and somewhere close to where you're applying the product. Apply a tiny amount to the area. There should be no other products on the skin so that you can properly test this product. Reactions will typically occur with 24 hours. Look for major reactions:red, bumpy or splotchy, itchy or painful skin. In this case, you should discontinue use.


Do your products contain preservatives? Never! By keeping our ALOE WATER BASE and RENEW POWDER separate, we skip the fillers and preservatives completely.


What is the shelf life? Our products are made fresh with no preservatives, discard 12 months after opening.


Does Face-kit test on animals? ABSOLUTLY NOT


Is the product vegan and gluten free? YES!


Are there any fragrances in the product? NO


What skin types are the products best for? Our masks are formulated for all skin types.